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In 1998, the Lord gave us a vision to develop a Centre for Worship and Creative Arts. Being obedient to the call, the work that is known as Xalt was birthed.

Worship & danceA word we had in the early days was the “minstrel and the intercessor coming together to wage war against the forces of darkness and to take the good news out to the villages”, which led to the work developing in the form of an itinerant ministry.

Since 1998 we have arranged worship events and conferences in venues locally and nationally, and have been privileged to work alongside Ministers, Pastors and international speakers from many denominations and from around the world.

Xalt has become a multi-faceted ministry, with a mandate for worship embracing the creative arts, intercession, healing, and to bring the message of God’s plans and purposes for Israel (One New Man) to the church.

Freedom Creativity Unity Whole Truth Intimacy

We are a group of Christians working out of Dorset and Hampshire and across the UK, drawn from many different churches and backgrounds. Our leaders, under God, are Ralph and Sylvia Barnes. They are the spearhead for the work, the ones at the sharp end, charged by God with the responsibility of 'holding the baby'. They ensure we do not get deceived or diverted from the calling, and make sure He (Jesus) is truly holding the reins. A growing number of people are becoming part of the Xalt team, each having responsibility for different aspects of the work but, ultimately, God is our one and only conductor. Our aim is to listen to and be guided by Him at all times. We need to be like the sons of Issachar: knowing the times and seasons we are in, what’s on His heart, and be ready to respond. “The ark is moving: don’t touch it!”  

The work is also covered by our wonderful intercessory prayer team, who have been holding the work before God since it began.

Freedom Creativity Unity Whole Truth Intimacy

We do not see ourselves as a Church, but rather a ministry to serve the body of Christ. We recognise the need for accountability in a ministry such as ours; therefore, in order to ensure that we maintain a balanced approach to the content and presentation of the work, we have established relationships with several church leaders, both locally and in the USA, to partner with. These are people we can look to for spiritual guidance, input and assistance, who can help keep us credible in the sight of God.

Worship at a conference in HitchinWe use creative arts as a vehicle to express our worship - music, dance, drama, poetry, painting, and more - employing the whole spectrum of creativity that God has given us to worship him with. We encourage all ages to take part, from children to great-grandparents; a family worshiping together in the presence of our Father. We have a team of anointed musicians and dancers who are gifted not just in their artistic ability, but are skilled in leading others into the presence of God.

We hold a variety of different worship events. The Lord’s intention through the vision He has given us is to provide forums or sanctuaries where He is welcome, and to create an atmosphere of praise and worship, where those who are hungry for more of Him can seek His face, His manifest presence, His power, His might and His glory. The aim is to create secure environments where people can be vulnerable and develop their relationship with the Father, where they can develop their gifting, be intimate with Him, be healed, restored and released.

We run our own conferences and lead worship at conferences organised by others, as God leads. We are called to enable others to freely use their God-given gifts and talents to worship Him. We have an on-going series of workshops under the title 'Heart School', with the aim of teaching, enabling, encouraging and inspiring those who attend.


Freedom Creativity Unity Whole Truth Intimacy

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Serving, Enabling, Inspiring
  • God: obeying His calling on our lives, seeking His agenda not ours, and being sensitive to the guidance of His Holy Spirit.
  • the Body of Christ: bringing a message of the true meaning of unity between Jew and Gentile, and providing opportunities for free expression of worship through the creative arts.
  • people to express themselves in worship through all forms of creative activity.
  • people to explore their God-given gifts and talents, and to use them to worship Him.
  • true freedom in worship, thereby encouraging the development of intimacy and maturity with our living Lord.
Sylvia and Ralph Barnes
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