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The Israel Flag

We believe that every Biblical promise to Israel and the Jewish people is eternally valid and will be fulfilled. We believe that the Jewish people are the people of God by an irrevocable covenant, that they have a divine right to the Land promised to the Patriarchs, and that they must believe in Jesus as their Messiah to be saved. We believe that, as Gentile believers, we are ‘grafted in’ to the root of Israel; we have not replaced them.

We believe that the restoration of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel is a fulfilment of the prophetic scriptures and that the restored nation of Israel has a predominant role to play in the final purposes of God among the nations.

Freedom Creativity Unity Whole Truth Intimacy

The Messianic SealIt is by grace alone that the mystery of the Jew and Gentile coming together as One New Man has been revealed to us. We believe that we have been called to take this true message of unity and the whole word/counsel of God out to the church and the nation in a balanced way, recognising who we are as Gentiles in Christ.

The key scriptures which outline God's plan for Israel and the Church are Romans 9, Romans 10, Romans 11 v 1-36, Ephesians 2 v 14-22 and Ephesians 3 v 1-11.

As our understanding of this aspect of our vision unfolds it is wonderful to feel the unity of spirit when those who love Israel come to together to fellowship and worship in anticipation of the return of the Lord Jesus.

Freedom Creativity Unity Whole Truth Intimacy

While the burning desire on the hearts of all Christians is for the lost to come to salvation, it seems we have neglected to see God’s heart for His people. With much of the church embroiled in replacement theology, it is only through intimacy and relationship with the living Lord that the revelation of God’s heart for His chosen people will be better understood. We need to get wisdom regarding our Hebraic roots, realise our place as Gentiles grafted in to the olive tree and discover the riches of the Jewish roots of the Church. (Bless Israel and you will be blessed)

In this hour it is urgent to lift up the name of Jesus in this country, to bless His people Israel and to inspire Christians in the Church into vigilant action for His return. It is becoming crucial for those who are hearing this message to take it out.

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There is a three-fold need for those with this understanding:
i) to stand on the word of God (the whole truth)
ii) to recognise the season we are in, in God’s calendar
iii) to be watchmen (see Isaiah 62 v 6-9)
Freedom Creativity Unity Whole Truth Intimacy

The work of Xalt has brought us into contact with Ministries such as Sabra, Streams in the Desert, Exploits and Ebenezer, which has helped in providing us with further understanding of  God’s prophetic time clock for Israel, His end time agenda, and the practical outworking of His plans and purposes for the return of His scattered people to their promised land (Isaiah 49 v 18). We have also become close friends with the Shekinah Dancers from Bristol; they are a prophetic dance ministry concerned with bringing the message of the One New Man. We have worked with the Shekinah Dancers on several occasions, and have been powerfully blessed by their ministry and friendship.

Star of DavidAs we go forward into the next phase of development of this work, our prayer is that “as it grows let us not be lukewarm. As we seek Your face for more revelation, Lord guide us into all truth and lead us into a fuller recognition of our spiritual heritage. Jesus, as we connect with people with the same heart and understanding let us not lose our focus on You, let us not go to the right or to the left, and let us truly become one new man. We pray for the “Peace of Jerusalem.”

Freedom Creativity Unity Whole Truth Intimacy

The Shofar
The Shofar is an important ancient Biblical instrument, traditionally made of a ram's horn, which we often use at our meetings. It has a powerful spiritual significance, and has been equated to the "groans too deep for words" of Romans 8 v 26. It is blown somewhat like a trumpet, and the different 'calls' have different symbolic and prophetic meanings. The Shofar can be used as a call to prayer; a call to battle; a call to worship; a sound of victory and joy, announcing the coming of King Jesus; a call to attention; a call to be watchmen on the walls; a call to be aware of what God is saying; a call to holiness; a call to receive the word of the Lord; a cry to the Lord for mercy and intervention; a symbol of repentance; a symbol of restoration and sanctification; a warning; praise to God; a reminder of resurrection from the dead; a declaration of acceptance of God's commandments and authority; and a reminder of the everlasting covenant between God and His chosen people.

Many people find that hearing the sound of the Shofar stirs something deep within; although we may not always understand it, we know that we are interceding as we blow the Shofar (hence the Romans 8 v 26 association).

Ralph blowing a ShofarThe Shofar, of course, has no power in and of itself, but God uses it to speak powerfully to us, and allows us to use it as a proclamation to the world and to the forces of evil. There are many, many instances in the Bible of the Shofar being used; whenever you see mention of a trumpet in the Bible, it is almost always referring to the Shofar. Some of the Biblical references to the Shofar are listed below; for further information, click on the following: Gateway Ministries; Stewarton Bible School; and The Jewish Encyclopedia.

Bible References: Joshua 6 v 4-20, 2 Chronicles 15 v 14, Joel 2 v 1 & v 15, Jeremiah 6 v 17, Isaiah 27 v 13, Revelation 1 v 10, Numbers 10 v 9, Ezekiel 33 v 2-9, 1 Corinthians 15 v 52, 1 Thessalonians 4 v 16, Exodus 19 v 16-19, Exodus 20 v 18, Psalm 81 v 3, Leviticus 23 v 24, Leviticus 25 v 9, Judges 7 v 16-22, 2 Chronicles 13 v 12-15, 2 Samuel 6 v 15, 1 Kings 1 v 34, 2 Chronicles 5 v 13, Nehemiah 4 v 18-20, Isaiah 58 v 1, Zechariah 9 v 14, and Isaiah 18 v 3.


Freedom Creativity Unity Whole Truth Intimacy

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