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Our Vision

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S.of Songs 2 v 3-16
John 8 v 36
Psalm 150
Eph. 2 v 14 & 15
John 8 v 32

Our Vision: A Creative Worship Ministry (Heart School)

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We believe that everyone is called to worship God, and that everyone has unique God-given gifts and talents which they can use to worship Him. We do not all have to worship Him in the same uniform way; there is a whole spectrum of possibilities. Our aim is to help people to discover their own gifts and talents, and to facilitate them in using those talents to worship God.

The vision that the Lord gave us is to "Serve the Church and Unite the Body" by organising different types of meetings such as:
  • workshops and seminars
  • conferences
  • worship and intercessory gatherings

Prophetic Dance

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Banner Workshop

in order that God's people can:
  • learn to worship in freedom, in harmony, and in spirit and truth
  • develop and use their talents and gifts
  • express their worship through all forms of creative activity (visual and expressive) to the glory of God, eg:
    • dance, movement, banners and mime
    • painting and poetry
    • music / singing / song writing
    • drama and prophetic enactment

Freedom Creativity Unity Whole Truth Intimacy


What God has led us to do thus far has laid a firm foundation, preparing the way for the next stage of development.

The Upper RoomIn September 2006 gentle promptings from the Lord confirmed that "now is the time" to secure a more permanent venue for the work. God has opened a door of opportunity for Xalt to work in partnership with St. Andrew's Church and base the School of Worship in the Upper Hall at the Parish Centre. This is an answer to prophecy, prayer and confirmation of the vision. It is an exciting prospect, unique and pioneering. We pray that it will add to the spiritual and cultural ethos of the area in a special way, and be a conduit for God's spirit to flow out from St Andrew's to the nations.

We have chosen to call the School of Worship "Heart School" because, through prayer and prophetic intercession, we have always sought God's will and guidance for the work, responded to His agenda and moved with what is on His heart.

The centre for worship, prayer and creative arts is being built on a foundation of Biblical truth, on revelation and recognition of the need for unity, intimacy and oneness in the Holy Spirit.


"He is looking for a place where He can be made comfortable,
where a Mercy Seat can be built"

Extract: from "Hosting the Holy Spirit" by Tommy Tenney


Freedom Creativity Unity Whole Truth Intimacy

Mission Statement
"To provide different types of meetings where people can learn to hear from God, grow in their relationship with the living Lord, and develop a lifestyle of worship."

Freedom Creativity Unity Whole Truth Intimacy


"When I am lifted up I will draw all men to myself"
John 12 v 32


Heart School is a hub or sanctuary through which the Holy Spirit can ebb and flow so people can be released, restored, healed and enabled:

  • to further understand Biblical truths in the Word of God
  • to be challenged and tested
  • to further develop a sense of family and community through our Lord Jesus
  • to be better equipped to reach the unsaved
  • to touch lives with the love of Jesus
  • to understand God's plans and purposes for Israel
  • to develop creative gifts
It is where the broken and needy can find His love.
Sylvia and Ralph Barnes
xalt@btinternet.com or info@xaltworship.org
Tel: 01590 644411 or Mob 07934 163155
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